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A New Messaging App Connecting Buyers and Sellers in Chat.

Buyers can now communicate with sellers at lightning speed using text messages, and make secure payments right in the chat.



Text Messaging With Businesses
Makes New Things Possibile.

Consumers can avoid lines, voice calling and spam emails.
Merchants and Brands can accept payments faster right inside the chat window.

How It Works


Customers Send a Text
Message to a Business

Customers invite a business to chat, just as they already do with friends and family. No more phone calls, emailing, or waiting in lines.

Free text messaging


Businesses Accept
Payments in Chat

Customers can not only ask questions and learn about new products, services and promotions, they can now pay, in just seconds, right in the app, B2C or B2B.

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Encrypted Transaction

Buyer’s transactions and card data is tightly encrypted. A token is passed with random numbers, to prevent customer card data from being compromised.

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Security Backed by
PayPal Technology.

TrakGo’s digital wallet is provided by BrainTree, a PayPal company, and all debit and credit card transactions are processed by BrainTree’s payment gateway. Making and receiving payments with the TrakGo platform is safe, fast and secure.

International credit and debit cards also accepted.

Buyers: Just Add A Card
Sellers: Just Add an Account

Getting started is easy, secure and free. Buyers simply add a debit or credit card to create a personal digital wallet account; sellers register with a bank account. It takes just 2 minutes.