TrakGo to to launch its mobile commerce QR code solution for brands and customer’s engagement and secure transactions.

In 2014 in Brazil, TrakGo created a mobile payments platform and app to enable customers to scan QR codes from brands and businesses from different medium channels (i.e., magazines, television, online, over popular social media platforms like Facebook, bill payments), but never launched the app, due to the downturn of the Brazilian economy.

Fast forward in 2017, TrakGo resurrects its proprietary QR code technology and integrates it into its new mobile commerce messaging platform also called TrakGo. Set to launch late 2017, currently in a beta test review with merchants and customers.

TrakGo code technology. scans and generates QR codes instantly using the same app. Anytime a seller uploads or adds a a product to the platform, a unique QR code is automatically generated with product metadata (product name, short description, price, shipping cost, etc.) and saved in the sell section of the app. A brand or merchant can access the product page found in the menu section of the TrakGo app and publish an offer for free directly to their existing network on social media and communication platforms, like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, LinkedIn and email.

Once consumers discover these offers online, print media or television, they can click the link associated with using the same TrakGo mobile app and get directed to a TrakGo webpage containing the product information and QR code. Pointing the TrakGo camera-reader directly at the QR code, takes just one second to scan, its super fast and really cool. Product photos and data magically appears on the consumer’s phone screen. Then the customer can confirm the product information, add to cart, change quantity and checkout using the TrakGo digital wallet. The advantages for customers, you avoid turning over your credit or debit card to pay, making the transaction more secure, its fast and an enjoyable payment experience.

2018 promises to be a interesting year, as brands and retailers will move towards new mobile QR code innovations for saving customers time, increasing engagement, better user-experiences and instant payment transactions. Wal-Mart for example, this week unveiled a new approach to returning unwanted items to its brick-and-mortar stores in just 30-seconds. The refund is sent to your Wal-Mart payment account. Some products that cannot be reused, like shampoo may not be required to be returned at all.

New code innovators will shift incremental revenues, valued to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, away from those enterprises that fall behind or fail to invent. The wins will go to those that are charting the course to new frontiers.

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