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I was at a conference in Time Square a few months back and a really good friend, I bumped into from Senegal was also at the conference and he invited me to go afterwards to the Carlyle Hotel NYC to meet some friends. I decided to go, so we requested an Uber and was there ten minutes later. Sometime shortly after arriving on the second floor at the Carlyle, in a mid-size reception room, I met Caroline Fleming. After talking with Caroline I was struck by her warmth, coolness, openness, beauty and fashion style. I soon discovered the reception was a soft launch for Caroline’s new cookbook Cook Yourself Happy: The Denmark Way.

Fleming was born and raised in Valdemar’s Castle on Tåsinge in Denmark as the daughter of Baron Niels Krabbe Juel-Brockdorff and Baroness Margaretha Juel-Brockdorff. She is the 11th generation of landowners in a straight line after the naval hero Niels Juel. She has three kids, lives in London and has graced the cover of many of Europe’s top fashion magazines.

We chose Caroline as TrakGo’s Entrepreneur of 2017, simply because she is an impressive woman, talented entrepreneur, devoted mother and released a “must-read” Danish receipt cookbook that is marvelous and will have you craving jumping on the first flight straight to Denmark to experience its culture. We had a chance to interview Caroline about her new cookbook and family, she shares some wonderful insights and helpful tips.

TrakGo: What was your inspiration for writing your book Cook Yourself Happy?

Caroline: My inspiration came from a lifetime of being surrounded by various family members, who all love to cook, especially my grandmother and my father, and my own passion for cooking so organically grown as a result of this. Also my dream, to share the special times created during my childhood and adolescence, which I hope will help to inspire families to spend this time with their children, families and friends, around a delicious home cooked meal, away from today’s technology trends… back to basics, back to what really matters, love family and health above and beyond. Going into the kitchen together, enjoying the luxury of having the time to cook, looking at cooking as a pleasure rather than a tedious chore… because cooking is such fun and creates so much happiness.

TrakGo: Who influenced you the most with cooking?

Caroline: My father and my Grandmother more than anyone for sure. My Daddy always had a pot of stock simmering away all year round…. these amazing stocks being the base of his sauces, and his sauces could honestly compete with those of Michel Roux, a friend of my fathers. I have used my inspiration from my father and his love of stocks, always as the base of all my soups and many of the other dishes like the tarragon chicken, because the flavors are so much more powerful and, although super easy, it tastes so exquisite – home-cooking as delicious as it come. My beloved grandmother, who brought the most old fashioned dishes to the table every day has also been an enormous inspiration and the readers will really get to know this remarkable woman who has inspired many recipes also. Her baked apples are a flavor from my childhood that fills my entire body heart and soul with warmth. I hope you will feel this warmth also.

TakGo: Is there a special recipe that you hold dear to your heart that has been passed down in your family?

Caroline: My fathers spaghetti with tuna fish sauce is a recipe from my fathers childhood – he would enjoy this dish every Sunday and continued to do so after we were born. It actually makes me cry a little when I make it because it’s so him, and I miss him terribly. After he passed away in January, and sadly never saw the finished book, although I’m sure he sees it from above… making dishes I learned from my Daddy, are just extra special now – it’s an amazing way of bringing them back, like my mothers food bread…. a long lost recipe found by my darling Godmother… and I felt my mother so presently when I made it for the first time in decades….

TrakGo: Is there a must-eat dish for non-Danes who travel to Denmark?

Caroline: There are so many must eat dishes for non Danes travelling to Denmark – best place to start would naturally be our national dish “Stegt flæsk med persille sovs…” very rich, utterly delicious, and of course also included in my book.

TrakGo: Are there a few must-try restaurants for foreigners visiting Denmark?

Caroline: I adore especially the restaurant called Kong Hans, Geist and Cafe Viktor – restaurants that I enjoy many times every year and who all have the “hygge” feeling about them when I go…. all very nostalgic and with many special memories

TrakGo: As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches in the United States any recommendations or favorite?

Caroline: I have to say that I adore your entire Thanksgiving meal… every dish is amazing. One of my best friends Anastasia, and another, Stephanie, both American, have cooked these feasts for me each year, and my favorite dish has to be the sweet potato and marshmallow gratin… I adore it when the marshmallows have become golden and crispy…. I can eat the entire dish with a spoon and not stop…

TrakGo:Your favorite dessert?

Caroline: My favorite dessert in the world is the rhubarb soup you can find in my book. I was so blown away the first time I tasted it, and could probably have it every day 365 days a year forever…. again super easy and accessible, and delicious beyond…. the vanilla ice cream and toasted almonds are the “icing on the cake…”

TrakGo: Any foods you recommend to parents to feed growing kids?

Caroline: I would recommend a really well balanced diet for growing kids with lots of alkaline greens. Veggies prepared in different ways and protein not always from meats poultry and fish, but also from nuts and grains/beans/lentils to name a few. I think if 70% is good stuff, don’t worry to much about the rest….

TrakGo: How does food, from your point of view play a role in living a healthy lifestyle?

Caroline: I very much believe we are what we eat. It’s important to make sure your ingredients are fresh and organic without any harmful substances being used for their growth …. I believe in the more alkaline we are, the stronger our health is, so being mindful of ensuring the majority of the foods you eat are alkaline… the most powerful ones being pink Himalayan salt, kale, broccoli, spinach, rocket, cucumber, avocado, lemon, lime, garlic, ginger to name a few… our food is also our energy… and the best energy comes from the above… even though many of us reach for the sugary things and coffee when we feel tired…. living life physically in an alkaline state will maintain energy levels throughout the day.. in my humble opinion, all in moderation…. and if alkaline you can have your cake and eat it.

TrakGo: What do you want or hope your readers will take away from reading your book Cook Yourself Happy?

Caroline: My hope for my readers is to be inspired to get back into the kitchen lots and really enjoy cooking. It is my hope that they include their children, family and friends in the preparation and then sit down afterward and enjoy their “labor of love…” and spend quality time together, talking and sharing, eating, laughing and crying.. living in the moment and making the best of this precious time on this amazing planet. Communication is so very important. I don’t believe in brushing “under the rug,” take the bull by the horns, turn it around and face the facts of life….. then make your life the best you can, transparent, honest and happy.

TrakGo: So what is next for you?

Caroline: I am off to Denmark right now to decorate my family’s castle with my new Christmas collection of affordable luxury, for our weekend Christmas fair in December.
My current venture, which I am SO excited about, and another great labor of love, is a line of plant based, ecological, environmentally friendly, effective, affordable, non-toxic cleaning products that my business partner and I have been working on for the last year – we hope to launch the line in Q1 2018 and it is our dream to really impact air quality within peoples homes, schools, hospitals to name a few, and bring some fun back into cleaning while taking care of our overall health in a cost effective way, whilst impacting all-round good health.

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