Businesses Text Directly With Customers
and Accept Secure Payments.

Sell More in Messenger with Photos and Take Secure Payments.

TrakGo Messenger let’s you share product and service photos within the app window and take the payment the second the buyer makes the purchase decision.

Show it with photos.

Increase Customer Support Engagement and Save Money.

Text message open response rate is 90 seconds, compared to other customer communications. At the same time, save money with free text messages versus customer support phone calls .

Get Detailed Sales Reports at your Fingertips.

All commerce transactions are stored digitally in the app, for later retrieval and history. Allowing you to spend more time completing other business activities.

Clear Pricing, Fast Deposit

plus $0.35
per transaction

Transparent pricing
Only pay when you get paid
Deposit in 24 to 48 hours
Issue refunds directly from the app
Backed by PayPal Security

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